My name is Derrick Leadon, with DXM Productions in Houston, Texas.  I am an IT professional by trade and a photographer by passion. I originally began my career in videography and after over 10 years in video, I decided to take an interest in still photography. It has turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.  I love to take photos and I have been capturing still photography for over 15 years. My photoshoots are always laid back, relaxed and my clients are treated like family.   My favorite style of photography is portrait, although I usually focus on model photoshoots, fashion shows, parties and events.  When you book a shoot with DXM Productions, be ready to have a great time. There are thousands of Nikon and Canon photographers, but I choose to stand out by using all Sony cameras.  Let DXM Productions shoot your next photoshoot or event and experience the Sony difference. 


Portraiture, Wedding and Engagement, Events, School, Sports/Action, Photojournalism photography