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Getting ready for a senior school photo doesn't happen the night before. If you really want yours to look great for the ages, then you need to have done preparations that are paying off by that night, not getting things together at the last minute.

You should decide far in advance what you are going to wear for your senior school photo, and make sure the whole ensemble fits well and is clean. Take it to the dry cleaners a week in advance to be sure it's pristine and looking great.

Getting a haircut shortly before the photo is a good idea, but it also makes sense to do it three or four days in advance. That way, you have time to get comfortable with your fresh look and for your hair to possibly calm back down.

Make sure that you get nine hours of sleep the previous night so that you can have fresh energy and 'shine' in front of the camera. Another similar great idea is to eat very clean in the two weeks prior, drinking mostly water for beverages. This does wonders for your skin and appearance.

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Photography is Therapeutic https://www.dxmproductions.com/blog/2017/4/photography-is-therapeutic "Houston portraits dxmproductions", "Model photography"Calm Mountain TopSemi panoramic view near the top of Mt. Lemmon, AZ
There are countless people, myself included who have found the act of taking and editing photos to be quite therapeutic. Even working with photos at a later date can have therapeutic effects, you can ask questions about them, reminisce and even create stories based on them.
Here are a few things about photography which I find therapeutic:
• Photography motivates me to get outside, connect with others and with nature.
• Photography allows for me to have a shift in my perspective, when I look through new or different lenses I often feel as if I am viewing the world    differently.
• With photography I have searched and found the beauty in the world.
• Photography creates a form of communication which is non-verbal, when dealing with issues such as anxiety or depression which are hindered by    stigma, this can be a huge asset.
• Photography offers control of how the world is framed.
I have found that  the above mentioned therapeutic benefits of photography have personal helped me. It has also been my experience that as I continue in life, photos from my past have provided me with powerful insights and reminders, it has shown me how overtime the perspective I have had of myself and the world has changed. Photography has helped me see how I have grown as a person.
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